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At Avondale Pictures, we strive to make relevant faith based films, of unsurpassed quality, that the whole family will enjoy. Our goal is to celebrate our faith through film, creating a better world, while producing content that inspires.

Shake Off the World Teaser Trailer

Shake off the World

Filmed in Lumberton North Carolina, Shake Off the World is Avondale’s first film and is set to be released in late 2015. The film revolves around Austin (Aaron Mees), a rising high school football star, who has his life all mapped out, until his coach (Mike Setzer) makes a decision that forces Austin to change the course of his life. Austin finds himself in a new home, a new school, with a new set of friends and a whole bunch of problems. Just when it seems the world has Austin down for the count, he gets up, shakes off the world, and forever changes his destiny…

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